5G-EmPOWER is an open platform for agile 5G service development.

The goal of 5G-EmPOWER is to provide an open ecosystem where new 5G services can be tested in realistic conditions.

All the 5G-EmPOWER components are released under an APACHE 2.0 License.

Converge SDN and NFV into a single operating system for multi-access edge computing

5G-EmPOWER flexible architecture and high-level programming APIs allow for fast prototyping of apps and services.

Heterogeneous RANs

5G-EmPOWER supports both Wi-Fi and LTE Radio Access Networks. The OpenEmpower Protocol allows remote management of RAN elements.

Network Service Plane

Complex network services are implemented by chaining different Virtual Network Functions. Self-x features are supported.


Network service programmability is enabled through an intent-driven application framework implemented by the 5G-EmPOWER SDK.


5G-EmPOWER builds upon a set of high-level programming abstractions providing developers with full visibility of the network state and allowing them to dynamically deploy and orchestrate network services.

Mobility Management

Centralized mobility management for Wi-Fi and LTE Networks.

Active Slicing

Deploy custom resource allocation schemes within a network slice.

Lightweight Virtualization

Manage and orchestrate lightweight virtual network functions.

Edge Computing

Transparent edge computing support trought local breakout.


5G-EmPOWER has been partially supported by the following projects:

Control and Coordination Plane for heterogenous 5G Radio Access Networks.

Management and Orchestration in Multi-access Edge Computing scenarios.

Embedded Network Services for 5G Experiences.

5G-EmPOWER users and contributors