An O-RAN compliant near-RT RAN Intelligent Controller for Het RANs

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5G-EmPOWER is a near-Real time RAN Intelligent Controller for Heterogenous Radio Access Networks!

5G-EmPOWER flexible architecture and high-level programming APIs allow for fast prototyping of apps and services!

Het RANs

5G-EmPOWER supports Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G Radio Access Networks.


5G-EmPOWER nativelly supports the most popular Machine learning toolkits.


Advanced network programmability enabled by the 5G-EmPOWER SDK.

Edge Enabled

Radio Network Information Service provider for LightEdge.


5G-EmPOWER builds upon a set of high-level programming abstractions providing developers with full visibility of the network state and allowing them to dynamically deploy and orchestrate network services.

Mobility Management

Centralized mobility management for Wi-Fi and LTE Networks.

Active Network Slicing

Deploy custom resource allocation schemes within a network slice.


Support multiple slices on the same infrastructure.


In-cabin LTE RAN Sling

In-cabin Wi-Fi Video Multicasting

SD-WLAN Slicing

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5G-EmPOWER has been created by Roberto Riggio.

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