A Software-Defined Networking Platform for 5G Networks

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5G-EmPOWER is a Centralized Software-Defined Radio Access Network Controller!

5G-EmPOWER flexible architecture and high-level programming APIs allow for fast prototyping of apps and services!

Het RANs

5G-EmPOWER supports Wi-Fi, LTE, and LoRA Radio Access Networks.


5G-EmPOWER nativelly supports the most popular Machine learning toolkits.


Advanced network programmability enabled by the 5G-EmPOWER SDK.

Edge Enabled

ML-based Radio Network Information Service for LightEdge.


5G-EmPOWER builds upon a set of high-level programming abstractions providing developers with full visibility of the network state and allowing them to dynamically deploy and orchestrate network services.

Mobility Management

Centralized mobility management for Wi-Fi and LTE Networks.

Active Network Slicing

Deploy custom resource allocation schemes within a network slice.


Support multiple slices on the same infrastructure.


5G-EmPOWER has been partially supported by the following projects!


In-cabin LTE RAN Sling

In-cabin Wi-Fi Video Multicasting

SD-WLAN Slicing

Contact Us

5G-EmPOWER has been developed by the Smart Networks and Services (SENSE) Research Unit at FBK.

Roberto Riggio
Head of Smart Networks and Services
Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Via Sommarive 18, Trento, Italy
Phone: +39 0461 31 24 81
Email: empower@fbk.eu

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